domingo, 12 de junio de 2016

"Fisher of Men" June 12, 2016 - Homily: Father Galvez

My channel is your channel, sign and welcome ...

Forever faithful to Christ.

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

(Lk 5: 1-11)

"Fisher of men"

In today's Gospel we find a moving episode. Christ got into a boat to go to the crowds. Finishing his speech told the owner of the Mass, which was Peter, "into the deep and let down your nets." Then Peter respectfully replied: "Master, we've been fishing all night, but we have not achieved anything, but because you say ..."

You can also that we have been thinking all night and have not achieved anything. After many hardships what do we got? We could discourage seeing the little fruit obtained.

It would not be wrong to take from time to time look back and we discover if our lives had borne fruit, or else we wasted our years. Before this show, many people might be discouraged.

Man was created by God to love and feel loved. Gifted with an insatiable heart for love: "We did Lord for you ..." as St. Augustine said. We shall be satisfied only if "rest" in Him.

How many people live their lives in a perpetual night and it apparently seems empty! There are many men who put their trust in the things of this world: power, money, sex ... Living with an empty and restless heart. With a hard to love as Christ teaches us heart.

"The night is advanced, and the day is near." We live in a desolate, deserted and apostate Church. Our own country is on the brink of the abyss.

This morning it looked a promotional video of WYD and did not know whether to laugh or mourn. It is assumed that Spanish is the official song for "such an event". I never understood how they keep doing such concentrations seeing the little fruit of them. Any company reviews the results of their business, and if something does not work it changes; instead the Church keeps repeating the same ...

"We have not caught anything, but because you say so." When it seems that there is no solution, then Christ appears. It is true that the darkness envelops us, but Christ is the light ...

Without Christ we can do nothing. If we take Christ the priest, what can you do?

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