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III Sunday after Pentecost

Luke 15: 1-10
"Parable of the scattered sheep"
This parable, along with the prodigal son, are perhaps the two most consoling parables of the Gospel; because after we were separated from God, He seeks us to bring us back to the fold. Before the love offered by God, only missing one thing, that we accept it.
I think all of us, at some point in our lives we may have felt "lost". And I think many of us have felt sorry for the offenses committed. But it can also occur, as is now seen in a rather generalized way, our heart has hardened and not feel anything for the fact that we separated from Him.
Today, talking about the parable of the lost sheep does not make much sense; rather we should speak of the lost sheep, for there are many who go astray like sheep without a shepherd. And flock that is lost and confused, and is "driven" by false and bad pastors. This is the church that has fallen into apostasy. A flock that is lost through their own fault and because of the bad shepherds.
To understand the current situation is very important to delve into the speech by Jesus at the Last Supper. This speech is an indictment of the world and the Church today.
speech begins by saying that he has come into the world to offer his love for mankind (having loved his own loved them to the end); but despite this, the "own received him not." Men preferred darkness to light. it makes, in the first part of this speech, an explanation of why came into the world, but also expresses the rejection made him the world. In the second part of this speech he makes them see his disciples that, just as he chased him, also his disciples will be persecuted. In this second part also he speaks of the general apostasy and rebellion of the world; but He will send his Spirit, who accuse the world of sin, righteousness and judgment .... And the Lord added: "When you see all this happens, lift up your heads, because your liberation."
For an old man like me, the situation of the Church today very tired and causes much suffering. When I see the situation of decay and apostasy of the Church today, I feel like Jesus Christ when he was at the well of Jacob. The Gospel tells us: "And tired of the way ..." because I so sorry. How could I not feel tired before the silence and cowardice of the current hierarchy?
And this situation ruin which is the Church, is even worse in civil society. A society that is immersed in the deepest and smelly latrines. A situation which is nothing but the punishment of God that has already begun as a result of their sins.
And the third part of this speech is the most striking: "Father, I pray for those you gave me. I'm not asking for the world. They are in the world. I ask you to free the world. " Instead the current Church is concerned open to the world and to be accepted by the world. Any pastor who says you have to open to the world is against the founder of the Church.
The current apparent triumph of Satan and failure of Christ, as had been predicted for him. In fact is the expression of God's victory and the defeat of Satan. God's triumph is precisely on the Cross, it was where it ended the Realm of Evil.
This speech is for a charge and a manifestation of the victory of Christ and our faith. "And I will give you a joy that no one can take away".
I, at the end of my days, I feel tired and eager to get home. All I regret is not having loved enough.

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