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"Slavery and true freedom". Father Galvez. June 26th, 2016

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VI Sunday after Pentecost

Romans 6: 3-11

"Slavery and true freedom"

St. Paul tells us in the first reading corresponding to this Sunday truths that are today unknown to the vast majority of Christians.

We have been baptized into Christ's death. This is our participation in the death of Christ that has determined our way of life.

And Paul continues saying: As Christ was resurrected, we too will be resurrected to a new life. If we want to participate in the resurrection of Christ, we must now participate in a death like his. We must die with Christ to be freed from the bondage of sin.

These truths are no longer preach, or simply refuse. We are living in times of universal apostasy. All these misfortunes, according to Christ Himself prophesied, will occur in the near final moments of history times.

The origin and cause of all the evil in society today is not climate change .. but sin. Only if we listen to the words of Christ it is when we will be free: "If you listen to my words, know the truth, and the truth shall make you free".

Today governments talk of freedom and democracy, when in fact the message is false. It is impossible to have a democracy (which incidentally nobody knows what it is) when the same government (the system) who controls the mindset (voting) of the people. The only way to know the truth is knowing Christ, for He is the truth. And only if you know Him it is when we will be free.

But the Christian life is not reduced to be dead to sin, but also have to live a new life; that life is Him, and He gives us: "He who eats me will live because of me". Christ makes us participate in his life. As St. Paul tells us in Galatians: "" All who have been baptized have put on Christ ".

Live the life of Christ it is to think, love ... like him. And you can only think and love as He when the Spirit (Romans 5) is received in baptism for the first time.

Love is the only thing left at the end of our lives. As John of the Cross tells us: "At nightfall we will be judged of love." So, what's the point of life if not love Christ?

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