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"The campaign against the Christian family" - 18/06/16 - Father Galvez.

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Sunday after Pentecost V

(Matthew 5: 20-24)

"The campaign against the Christian family"

For many years the forces of evil are developing a ferocious campaign against the family; First of all, because the family is the first school where all the Christian virtues are learned. And this in turn is the pillar of Christian society. Destroyed the family, the foundation of Christian society are destroyed.

It began with the admission and divorce several years ago. In legitimizing civil divorce cooperated the Church. And it has subsequently been the same Church that has facilitated the destruction of marriage as a sacrament approving the "nullity of marriage" which is just another way of naming the reality of "ecclesiastical divorce".

Later it happened legitimizing the murder of the unborn. Crime is already making very serious consequences for humanity. And from there to the approval of aberrant civil marriages.

well structured the destruction of the family all these campaigns have been perfectly orchestrated, having achieved a degradation of the human race and disintegration of society.

We have reached a point where the same hierarchy casts doubt on the validity of the "vast majority" of church marriages; while at the same time validates marriages not celebrated sacramentally.

The devil is convinced that the time left is very short, so it is intensifying its attacks to conquer the world.

And all this is happening because man has decided to do without God, and consequently give up love. The Church itself has ceased to believe in love ...

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