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"People who are ashamed of their faith, people humiliated and afraid". F...

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VII Sunday after Pentecost

Romans 6: 19-23

"^ People who are ashamed of their faith, people humiliated and afraid"

St. Paul in the first reading on Sunday writes in his Letter to the Romans: "Before, you estregasteis your body to disorder and sin; before you were slaves of sin and desconocíais justice. What things hit one of those things, of which you are now ashamed? Now, you are free from sin and have finally sanctification and eternal life.

Reading this text, I had mixed feelings, because many who call themselves Christians still happens just the opposite; now ashamed of faith and pride themselves on their baseness. We are at a time of universal apostasy. Much of the Church has ceased to be divine to be merely human. That same Church has gone from worshiping God to worship the man. Christians have gone from believing in Christ to believe in the world.

And if any doubt what I am saying has nothing but check the newspapers and see demonstrations yesterday in Madrid. Christian principles and betray campaign is against all the values ​​of our faith. Yesterday, the Madrid Socialist leader said white, thin and Catholics constitute the profile of homophobic (enemies of homosexuals). full of fear and cowardice statement because we all know that homophobes are actually Muslims. I have not seen a crane hanging homosexuals by a Catholic, however the image is quite common for the Muslim world. But of course, that one can not speak, because we all know that the invasion of Muslims in Europe is a matter of time.

All these things are but the manifestation of the decline in the current society lives for having renounced his faith and his principles.

Further evidence of the decline and slavery of modern society is for example the Spanish situation. All Spain depends on four gentlemen who care little about the common good of the citizens. Only the degustation of these four gentlemen tells me the moral and human degradation to which Spain has come ...

On the other hand, people are bent on lying ...

Christianity today is split. On one side are the modernists, who are the vast majority ... on the other the neo-Catholics, who strive to prove the unprovable ...; on the other the "sedevacantists rebels"; and finally, "the faithful rest" ...

We know, because it is a promise of Jesus Christ that the end times will be shortened in favor of the faithful remnant (the elect). It was always difficult to be a Christian; but it is now more difficult. In this rest is left to pray and trust God. We know that there will be a new heaven and a new earth where justice will flourish. So we do not feel crabby nor sunken; We are participating in the cross of Christ; knowing that if we participate in his cross, also partake of His glory.

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