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"Death and Justice" Homily August 28th, 2016 - Father Galvez.

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XV Sunday after Pentecost

(Luke 7: 11-16)

"Death and Justice"

Today's Gospel presents the story of the resurrection of the son of the widow of Naim. A poignant episode in which we see Jesus faced death and the pain of that woman.

The man is faced with death and before an event that can not be avoided; Christ instead faces before her as the lord of life and death.

Christ tells the woman: "Do not cry", because for him, the cries of this woman does not make sense.

For us, death can come at any moment, a moment that never expect or know. Death is the decisive moment of human existence, as we face the truth and justice; is the time when the eternal destiny of each of us is defined.

Eternal and infinite justice of God must be fulfilled; and it is at the time of death when we have to face before her.

At the present time in which we live there is a general cry for justice has been trampled and mocked; however death is what makes that justice and truth are met. general clamor of millions of aborted children, general clamor for a youth that has been destroyed and idiotizada, general clamor for the attack on the dignity of man and especially of women.

general outcry because they have destroyed the family, marriage, the sacraments, even the same priesthood. The whole world has been turned into a flock of sheep led by a universal government.

And we also find the amazing fact the general apostasy of the Church itself. A hierarchy that is discredited and has largely disowned their faith ...

What is happening in our world is a punishment from God. Humanity lives in fear and terror.

Woman, do not cry! The sense of death is totally different for one who is a Christian than for one who has no faith. For the disciple of Christ, death has a glorious sense. Our death was destroyed by the death of Christ, so that we might live a new life. For the Christian, death is the consummation of this life and the beginning of a new life.

Death for a Christian is the end of another dream: life. A human life that dreams of joining Christ. That is the real meaning of death for a Christian.

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